Welcome to Uniquely Curled

If you had told me 12 months ago that I would be creating a blog at the start of 2021 I would say – you must have me confused with somebody else! However, 2020 has taught me just how easily your plans can change and sometimes it’s for the better. I’m starting this blog because I have always aspired to start my own personal project and I have finally decided to take this first step. Throughout this blog I will share my personal natural hair journey, while providing tips and knowledge along the way! My goal is inspire others to love their hair and to create a community filled with inspiration, support and appreciation for natural hair!

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Alexandria and I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I recently completed my undergraduate studies and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. While I have always loved science and health research, I have a unique love for my natural hair. I wasn’t quite sure which area of my life that I wanted to share with you all, but the more I thought about it, only a natural hair blog would make sense!

I have been natural for over 7 years now and anyone who knows me, knows that I take pride in taking care of my hair. When I first went natural, I remember being so excited to try new hairstyles, test out the recommended hair products and of course, I was most excited about growing long natural hair. However, over these past 7 years I have learned that growing my natural hair is much harder than I could have possibly imagined.

For many of us with a type 4b-4c hair texture, our hair strands are very fragile and extremely prone to breakage. As you can see, my hair isn’t exactly flowing down my back as I had imagined it would be by now. This is due to my persistent struggle with breakage that is preventing me from attaining my hair goals (as well as unrealistic hair growth expectations!) However, a new year comes with the opportunity to create new goals, and I plan to finally achieve my length retention and healthy hair goals moving forward.

Throughout my personal hair growth journey, I hope to share with you all my hair care advice, struggles and successes. I’m looking forward to growing this year in all aspects of my life, from my hair to my career to my mental health. 2021 will be the year of growth. Speak it into existence!

I have so much that I would like to talk about and I am honestly getting tired of sharing my thoughts to only myself. I’m very excited to share this journey with you all. If I can teach someone something new about their hair, or provide inspiration and confidence to someone, then I will be more than happy! To all of my ladies with natural hair, remember that each and every one of your strands are uniquely curled and I hope that I can show you all the beauty in our curls.